The Snood

side view This is a pattern to make a sewn, fabric snood like the one on the left. Shoshana has generously shared her pattern, please consider this for personal or charity use only. Thanks again Shoshana!

The pattern has two pieces. You cut out one band and two back or bag pieces. The pattern pieces were both too large to fit on my scanner. So I scanned the pieces from one side, and then I turned it around and scanned it from the other side. You should be able to print out the pieces and realign them by the text directions printed in various places.

Here is the front of the band in front of the snood. The band was too long for my scanner by about 1 1/2 inches. You can just add length on your own, or use this scan from the other side and tape 'em together. This piece is simply a rectangle - measuring 12 inches by 5 1/2 inches.

And now for the 'bag' part. This is composed of two identical "U" shaped pieces. The width of the flat front of the "U" is 12 inches and it extends back for 15 inches. You can cut out a 12" by 15" rectangle and round the back of the short end. Or you can print this out - it was scanned in four quarters.

I've recently noticed that the printout runs over a single page for each scanned quarter, making an awful jigsaw puzzle and quite a mess! I tried several ways of re-scanning it to fit a single printer page, but I have been unsuccessful. So, here is a drawing - sort of to scale of the image.

So now, you can take the measurements above and use the instructions on the mini image to guide you, or you can certainly print out the jigsaw puzzle, and hopefully this will give some guidance on how to align the pieces! And here is (hopefully!) a 50% scale scan of the image.

Here are the four quarters of the back.
Piece 1 Piece 2
Piece A Piece B
Piece A and Piece 1 are one side of the "bag" and Piece B and Piece 2 are the second side of the "bag". Pieces 1 and 2 are the rounded back end of the rectangle.

There are instructions to assemble the pieces on the pattern pieces themselves. Basically sew the two bag pieces together (right sides together), and gather the rounded edge. Turn the piece right side out. The seam will run from the center of the forehead to the nape of the neck. Fold the band over (right side out) and stitch it to the bag, raw edges together. Have the ends of the band meet at the back seam, at the base of the neck. Fold the band down and stitch the ends together. You can adjust for headsize by adjusting the length of the band. Voila - a snood.

side view Some tips: Use a stretch fabric for the band so that it will fit snugly. For the back use a fabric with a soft drape so that it hangs softly. Slinky or stretch panne velvet both work nicely for both pieces. The sample I have up is a stretch panne velvet. A cotton knit makes a comfy weekday snood.

And to make a matching, or co-ordinating extra band, here's the pattern for that.

When complete, the snood should resemble the pictured snood at this site (but with a plain band in front - unless you improvise a twist!)

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